Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday lunch at La Fiesta

We had lunch at LaFiesta yesterday. We tried something new by letting Jonah sit on the bench next to daddy until the food came. We thought that might entertain him for a while. It worked! Well, that and the occasional stroll around the restaurant with daddy to visit people.

Right before our food came, we moved him to the high chair. He was pretty content through the entire meal. But, once again, he didn't eat very good at all. Imagine that? He has more fun with the eating utensils than he does the actual food!

My friend Angie introduced Jonah to fruit snacks last weekend. He LOVED them. So, I bought a couple of packs. I gave him some at lunch but didn't realize he put EVERY SINGLE ONE in his mouth. We discovered it in the midst of this video.

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