Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon

It was a perfect afternoon for playing outside on Sunday. When Jonah got up from his nap, we headed outside to play. It was his first time to play with his new bubble mower. He was quite smitten with the thing. He kept saying "Buh-hulls." He loves bubbles. Unfortunately, he could not quite grasp that his pushing the mower is what created more bubbles. When the bubbles would come out, he stopped pushing to play with them. That made the bubbles disappear and made for one very sad boy.

After he mowed the concrete for a while, he decided it was at an appropriate length and he moved on to the actual grass.

When he finished the yard, he pulled the mower back onto the concrete and took it to the house so he could park it there and play for a while.

He found the golf club that Chim left for him and decided to play golf for a little while. Daddy got home from his meeting a little after the golf club surfaced.
Jonah has discovered it is much easier to play golf with a big blue ball rather than a little white ball. He isn't sure why more people haven't made the same discovery.

After a little while of golf, he moved to his castle slide/swing to play then on to the basketball goal on the back of his playhouse. He basically touched every outside toy he could see. He wanted to fully experience the afternoon outside.

When all was said and done, he picked up his club and ball and put them back in the house where they belong. What a helper!

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winstead family said...

okay so i'm beginning to notice a trend here.
not ONLY does he NEVER wear the same thing twice, it also appears that he has every toy known to MAN!



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