Friday, February 22, 2008

Steps to avoid a nap

In my short 18 months of life, I have devised a fool-proof plan for avoiding a nap. Although, now that I think back, I don't guess I have ever really avoided a nap, I have just delayed the inevitable nap! Either way, this process usually works very well for me.

1. As soon as you walk in the house, grab a toy (ball, puzzle, magnet, etc) and smile at your mom as if to say "This is exactly what I was looking forward to on that ride home!"

2. Take said toy to the living room and put it down as you pick up a different toy.
3. Take new toy to the slide so it becomes obvious you are playing with not one, but two of your toys. Parents ALWAYS seem to fall for this trick because it gives them joy to see you playing with something they bought for you because they knew you would love it.

4. It is VERY important at this step to realize that you can't look sleepy! (see below!)
5. When you realize you have the tired face, do something very quick that revs up your energy. That will take the focus off of you being sleepy.
6. Once they think you have gotten your second wind, find a different toy and focus your attention on it.
7. It helps to think ahead and have a toy in mind that you can get inside of but they can't! That way if they want to chase you, they get stuck and you can make your way to freedom.

8. Lastly, go over to your toy box and find something to do that takes up lots of time. Whatever you do, don't whine because that is a ticket straight to the bed. Instead, find a toy that you can sit and play with for an extended period of time that takes the attention off of you and lets them get other things accomplished.
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