Friday, February 22, 2008

My exciting Wednesday afternoon.

I love Monday and Wednesday afternoons because my mom picks me up from preschool then spends the whole afternoon with me. I've been itching to play outside but the weather has been too yucky. Well, when we pulled into the driveway Wednesday, mom gave me the good news. We were going to play outside before my nap. I was super excited! I immediately saw a ball and went for it. Well, then the phone rang and it was my mommy's boss. He was leaving lunch at his church (which you can see from my house!) and wanted to know if I could come outside to play. He didn't realize I was already out there. Mommy went inside to do some things once he got there and I stayed outside with Jimmy. (or CHIM as I call him!)
I pointed to the big wooden stick hanging on the tree and whined about wanting it. Mommy said it was for her flag and I couldn't play with it. Chim gave it me. Mommy told him she hoped I hit his car with it. I think she was kidding?

I tried to hit the big blue ball with the wooden flag pole but that didn't work very well. (By the way, if you look over Chim's right shoulder, you can see his church!) So, Chim went and got a golf club out of the car so I could play with that.
I was very content with my golf club until I realized he threw the head cover on the ground. So, I picked it up and put in the floorboard of his car then made sure to shut the car door. I don't think he was supposed to leave the car door open.

After a little while of playing with Chim's golf club, my mom remembered my golf bag and clubs my Mimi gave me for Christmas. She put them up when I got them until the weather was good enough for me to play with them outside. Today qualified as good enough!
In case you can't tell, Chim is caddying for me. I made him carry my clubs while I ran ahead to scout out the perfect spot to tee off. By the way, check out Max's ears. I think mommy caught him in mid-run!

I had a great deal of fun playing with the little cup that you putt the ball in to. I didn't really use the putter like you are supposed to. I just put the ball there then got it out again. I find golf much easier that way!

After a while of golfing, I decided it was time to go for a drive. I got this Cozy Coupe from the Merritt's for Christmas but haven't gotten to enjoy it either. (Stinkin' weather ruins all my fun!)
It didn't take long for me to run out of gas so I drove over to the pump on my playhouse and had Chim fill 'er up! I've really made him work today between caddying for me and pumping my gas. I could get used to having servants! (Mommy says I already have servants...her and daddy!)
I looked back at him because it was taking a long time to fill up the tank. The car isn't really that big so I'm not sure what the problem was. I didn't tip him because he was too slow!

After I left the gas station, I tried calling my daddy to let him know about my afternoon but he didn't answer. I guess he was in a meeting. I would have texted him except my phone doesn't have buttons and I'm not supposed to text while I drive.
I looked up to realize Chim was leaving. I didn't really tell him he was done for the day but I guess since I didn't tip him, I couldn't really say much.

I got out of the car to tell him goodbye then climbed back in. As I did, I was reminded of the space in the back to hold things. I had forgotten about that.
So, I took off my shoe...
and put it in the back.
Then, I put my other foot up on the dash board so I could go for a ride. Can we say redneck? Nothing like driving with your foot out the window. Mommy says she has seen people here actually do that! I only did it because that foot kept dragging the ground when mommy pushed me in my car. NOT because I am a redneck!

After lots of fun outside, I went inside and took a long nap. It is hard work playing outside but I am always up for the challenge! (as long as I can follow it up with a good nap!!!)

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