Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ever have one of THOSE days?

If you are looking for a post with lots of cute pictures of Jonah, this one isn't for you.  Actually, it is more of an explanation as to why there is no post with cute pictures of my child.  This might be the time to start humming the tune of that song "Mamma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my mamma said..."  You know that song, right?

I've had many people comment on the lack of blogging by a certain mommy.  (That would be me, by the way!)  I've told everyone who asks that it isn't from great intentions or lack of material.  It results from a lack of time.  Up until Jonah was a little over a year old, I blogged (most) every day.  We had a little routine here that allowed me to blog while Dan put Jonah down for the night.  It was special daddy/Jonah time between the two of them and uninterrupted (usually) blogging time for me.  

I used to get my feelings hurt when someone (several people) would say something like, "I don't see how you have time to blog" or "it must be nice to not worry about your child while you take time to be on the computer" or (my favorite) "I thing the blog idea is great but I think it is much more important to spend time with my child than write about it!"  It always bothered me for people to say things like that and I usually followed up with telling them how I don't watch TV (at all really) so that frees up tons of my time or that we decided this was important enough to do (because ALL of our family lives at least 2 hours from our child) that we would work together to make it work.  Anyway, mean comments from people aside, I continued to blog (almost) daily or sometimes multiple times a day.  Now, almost 19 months since blogging began, I am so glad I did.  

I love looking back at this time last year to see what we were doing.  I love having reference points when Jamie or Shonda ask me questions like "when did you move Jonah to a real car seat?" or "what was the first baby food Jonah ate?" or "When did Jonah start crawling?"  Blogging has almost (notice I said ALMOST) taken the place of scrap booking for me.  I didn't begin this post with the idea of launching into a novel about why I blog, it was mainly to explain why I haven't blogged as much.  That is due to days like today.  Let me recap...

Our morning started like any typical morning.  Jonah went to preschool at JSUMC and Dan & I went to work.  I had somewhat of a frustrating morning and was happy to have lunch with my two favorite boys in the whole world.  After lunch, Jonah and I headed home for the afternoon and Dan went back to the office.  Jonah, Max and I spent an hour or so outside playing.  Mr. Hibbs stopped by after his lunch at church and he played golf with Jonah for a while then pushed him in his Cozy Coupe.  After playing outside, he(Jonah, not Mr. Hibbs) took a nap but woke up WAY early.  That was the beginning of his ROTTEN mood.  He was very whiny.

It was my night to keep the nursery and I'm thinking that wasn't the best idea considering how whiny Jonah was in there.  I don't think he acts like that typically in the nursery.  I told Gail Rushing that if he weren't my baby then I'd be talking about how his mother needs to teach him how to NOT whine so much!  :-)  After church, Dan came over to the nursery and he took Jonah home with him so I could go to Wal-Mart.  Apparently, there was only one qualified cashier in there tonight and the line was QUITE long.  It took me over and hour to get home and Wal-Mart is only 5 minutes from my house.  

I got home and Dan had already fed Jonah and put him down for the night.  We began to eat dinner and heard Jonah cry.  Dan walked into his room and said "Oh-No!"  I immediately know that means VOMIT!  (Aren't you glad there are no pictures to accompany this?)  I walked in Jonah's room to find one of the grossest scenes I have seen in quite a while.  The poor guy was covered from head to toe and just crying his heart out.  He was so sleepy but covered (it was even in his ears!) in yucky stuff.  I went and started bath water while Dan tried to get his PJ's off.  We undressed him and took his diaper off all while he was standing in the bed.  We have discovered it is much easier to leave all the nasty clothes in the sheet as you take it off the bed.  That creates much less mess!

Dan put the clothes in the washer and got his room ready while I bathed (scrubbed) Jonah.  He was so sleepy and just cried while he was in the bathtub.  We finally finished his bath then I wrapped him in his frog (or FOG, as he calls it) towel and sat in the glider to read him a book.  I was very hopeful that he wouldn't feel the sudden urge to tee-tee because I didn't even put a diaper on him.  We rocked as I read "God Gave Us You," which made me cry.  (Great book if you haven't read it!)  He was finally very content and seemed to be settled so I put his diaper and PJ's on him then we told him we loved him and put him in the bed.  He went to sleep very fast!

We are guessing the whining tonight came from a tummy that has been hurting most of the day.  Poor guy.  I wonder when we will realize that if he is unhappy, there MUST be a problem.  Anyway, here comes the best part of this day.  We go to transfer the clothes and sheets from the washer to the dryer when we discover something terribly wrong!!!  There was gel and weird stuff all in the clothes.  That is when we realize the diaper was still in the sheet!!!  OH NO!!!!  

There were MILLIONS of little gel balls all over the clothes.  So, we may never be able to use that sheet, matress pad, Lammy, blanket or PJ's again.  We are on the second round of washing them and hoping we can rid ourselves of the diaper gel!!!

It is almost midnight now and I could not be happier this day is over.  But, even as bad as is it ended, there was nothing more precious than holding my sad little boy and reading a book to him about how glad I am God gave him to us.  


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be a better day. Hope Poor Jonah and ya'll will feel better and your day goes a lots different tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Hugs all 'round to all of you! Hope that sweet Jonah wakes up today all better, and that you can salvage those sheets! And..I've never seen a baby book "well filled". They start well, but the info dwindles as the months go on. With your blog, for years to come you'll be able to look back on each of these days, and treasure every one, and so will Jonah - it's a legacy for him too! Good for you! Shirley

Barb said...

I personally think the blogging is a wonderful idea, especially for your family who lives far away. And I'll admit I look forward to reading your posts and seeing new pics of Jonah.
By the way, I laughed out loud at the diaper in the washer. I hope it didn't ruin everything. And I pray Jonah is feeling better today. Poor guy.

Baylee's Mommy said...

I love having you and Jonah's blog as references as to when to expect certain things from Baylee. I don't know what I would do without your advice! THANKS!

winstead family said...

you don't worry ONE BIT about what people say or think about the fact that you are making a conscious effort to record your child's life forever. it will be something HE can look back on will know the love that you and Dan obviously have for him. i bet all the people that complain are the ones that don't bother to snap a photo of their little ones. take it from me, i grew up with THAT family. needless to say i have nothing from my you keep on sister!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

bless his heart.......i hope his "happy" from mary peyton comes today - he needs it! i took it to the place to mail it saturday, but it was after the mail went out, so with monday being a holiday, it didn't go out until tuesday. maybe you'll have it today! let me know!!! it's PERFECT for jonah!!!!

Karin said...

Ooo! No fun at all!!!!

BTW, I can't believe people said stuff like that to you about your blog!!! I used to get comments like that about scrapbooking, which I found rather insulting. I decided though that they were actually just jealous that they did not make the time to do it & for some reason had to knock me down for it. Who knows... I think your blogging is great! of course! ;)

Life with the J-Dubs said...

Oh I love "God Gave Us You" It makes me cry every time! Sorry about the rotten day. Hope today was better!


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