Monday, February 25, 2008

Chinese Food?

In my never ending quest to find foods my child will eat, I attempted Chinese today! I knew this attempt must be made without Dan's presence because he despises Chinese food. I didn't need anything to discourage my little one from at least trying some things. I thought Chinese may work because he seems to really like rice and noodles.

Oh, before you look at any pictures, you should know that the bib can be a bit deceiving. That is the bib he used at preschool this morning. It was the only one I had with me and it was filthy before we ever sat down for this meal. From the looks of it, he had Oreo cookies for snack.

Anyway, back to our lunch at the Chinese place. I fixed a plate just for Jonah with rice, noodles, mandarin oranges and pineapple. He looked at the noodles and said "No!" He picked up a pineapple chunk and said "Mmmmmm." He ate all of those. I offered him an orange (which he normally loves) and he took it out of my hand and put it on the table. Then he said "No!" He completely refused the rice and acted as if he has never liked rice. Then, he looked at my plate and picked up a chicken finger and took a bite! WHAT???? He ate most of the whole piece.

Here are some pictures from his first trip to the Chinese Restaurant.

After he finished eating, I went and got him some jello. He was very high on that decision. Then the waiter brought the fortune cookies out. He was very happy to see the "cackers!" He thought they were odd shaped crackers but took a bite anyway. He promptly spit it out.

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Barb said...

And what was his fortune???

I wonder if my parents had this much trouble getting me to eat when I little (I'm one of the world's pickiest eaters). Take it from me, he won't starve though.

rob h said...

I demand to know the name of this Chinese restaurant. It's research for a thesis I'm developing on the method used by proprietors of Chinese restaurants to name their restaurants.

I'm still in the data-gathering mode. Haven't run the statistics yet.


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