Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a mess!

Can you believe I still LOVE baby food? Most kids outgrow it before they ever turn a year old. Not me...I love it. I would rather eat baby food mixed with rice cereal than most anything else. Some might say that is because my mom isn't a very good cook. I won't elaborate on that at all. I KNOW where my bread is buttered and you are not going to get me in trouble that easy!

My mom talked to Dr. Russ about it when I went for my 12 month and 15 month well visits. She said to let me have it as long as I will eat it because it is so good for me. It doesn't have the additives, calories or preservatives that regular food has. So, mom keeps buying it and I keep eating it. (Don't worry, I CAN eat regular food too, I just prefer the yummy veggies and fruits!)

I still make a huge mess when I am eating baby food because it is hard to keep it on the spoon. Even mixed with rice, it is very slippery!

Sometimes, I get frustrated with how hard it is that I just tip my bowl and eat like Max eats.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I love it! Natalie loved baby food for a long time too and I love it too. It is easy. She got down to less and less favorites, but has just now quit eating mac & cheese. It was great when we weren't eating as good as we should.

I have been trying to catch up. We have just got back yesterday. It was so fun, but now I am so tired and the LAUNDRY!


Karin said...

Ha! :) I loved the baby food days, because it was so easy to be sure he was eating healthy things!! :) Just grab a jar & there are your fruits & veggies!! :)


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