Saturday, January 5, 2008

Week 1 Recipe- Cajun Chicken Pasta

I got 4 of the Southern Living Annual Recipes for Christmas this year. Several years ago, I decided to start buying one of these each year beginning with 1999. (That was the year we were married.) Well, when we started the adoption process, that idea kind of went away because we were saving every penny for the adoption. So, I was missing 4 of the books. My collection is now officially current thanks to Debbie, David and Linda.

I decided I would attempt to make a recipe out of one of these books each week of this year. (Check back next week to see if that actually happens!!!) I started with the 2007 book and got all the way to May before I found anything that intrigued me enough to try. And then, there it was, on page 103. Cajun Chicken Pasta!

I adapted it to fit our family because we do not like bell peppers of any color. So, I left those completely out of the recipe.

Our take on the finished project: LOVED IT! I will make it again because it was very easy and didn't require TONS of time. The bell peppers would have added color but it would have ruined it for us because we can't stand them. I love spicy food but Dan doesn't. He said this had just enough flavor to be good but not spicy to him. So, I will continue to follow the recipe when making it for Dan or other people. But, if anyone likes spicy food, you could easily add more Tony's to the recipe. YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

Well, look at you branching out and trying new things in the kitchen! I still want to take that class at High Cotton. Since you're in the cooking spirit, maybe now would be a good time. Glad to hear the recipe came out great! Supper at your house, next week? :)


Williams Family said...

I think trying a new recipe a week is an excellent idea. But, I think that you should post that looks and sounds delicious!


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