Thursday, January 3, 2008

Waiting on my dad!

We got the mail on the way into the house when we got home tonight. My mom wanted to read the Sentinel but I took it from her. I looked at it for a minute but got bored with it so I ripped it to shreds.

She told me I should stop because daddy might want to read the paper. It was a little late for her to tell me that. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the Mary Kay catalogue that came today from Aunt Emily. I was quite intrigued by that. My mom was somewhat bothered by my extreme interest in a makeup magazine.
It's okay. You don't have to worry. I put it down and went back to shredding the newspaper.
I decided to slide for a little while. I especially like to slide into my beanbag. I usually have a book in my hand when I slide. That is just in case I get to the bottom and want to just lay there for a while. If that happens, I might need something to read. So, I take a book with me. Smart thinking, huh?

Then I realized I could just leave the book at the bottom and that would free my hands for climbing up the slide. Even smarter thinking, huh?
My dad still wasn't home so we pulled out my bag of mega blocks from Josh and Manna. I wish they would have come to play with me today but it is their anniversary and apparently they would rather spend that with each other than with me!

Mommy went to let Max outside and came back and I was standing in this gift bag. She turned to grab the camera and I sat down. Then I toppled over. She sat me back up but I had a hard time staying upright.

We played in the bag for a while and daddy still wasn't home. So, we moved on to my toy box. I don't have any pictures of that to show you because the camera wasn't within reach.

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Anonymous said...

Jonah, thanks for letting us celebrate our anniversary. Another anniversary (Jan. 16th) is coming up, too. That would be a great day for you to come over and play. Let's just hope it will turn out better than the last time. (Jonah's mommy and daddy...we're serious! We'll keep him if you want to celebrate.)

Manna :)


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