Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday Night Church

My mom and dad lead a couples only Bible Study on Sunday nights. That means I get to go to the nursery to play with my friends. We got there a little early last Sunday so mom let me play outside for a bit.

My hood fell off and I didn't like that. When I think things should be a certain way, I'm not happy until they are how I want them. I completley lost it until Mommy put my hood back on my head.

I got to the door of the nursery and there was not one person there to greet me. Can you believe that? Then, I discovered that was because we were the first ones to actually arrive.
Sue-Sue was helping in the nursery that night and she got there pretty soon after we did. She was very happy to sit on the floor and play with me.

After Bible Study, mommy and daddy ended up in the nursery with a few people just hanging out. I decided I wanted to sit in the exersaucer. It is just like the one I had when I was a baby. Click here to see how much has changed since I first sat in mine? My mom says she sometimes wishes I was still that small but then I do something funny and she is glad I'm just the age I am.

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Karin said...

I hope those things are great for 9 / 10-month-olds -- cuz we have one sitting and waiting in our family room!! ;)


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