Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon

One of Jonah's favorite things to do is wait for daddy to get home from where ever he is. I can always hear the car as it pulls in the carport so I usher him over the door and hold him up. As soon as I do that, he starts saying "Dada, Dada, Dada!"

From the look of the next picture, "DaDa" is equally as excited to see his Jonahbug when he gets home.
I'm sorry the pictures are a little crooked but I was holding Jonah with one arm and holding the camera over my shoulder to capture him and the door. That proved to be a little tricky. As soon as Jonah saw Dan, he kept turning the deadbolt trying to get the door open for his daddy. (Note to self: We need to Spackle and paint the door frame!)
Once daddy got just inside the door, Jonah decided it was time to play with his new puzzle. He benefited greatly from our trip to Baton Rouge this weekend. We had to return a gift Santa gave him for Christmas. It was a Little Tykes keyboard and rotating bench. It was such a neat concept and he loved it but it was so POORLY made. It kept coming apart while he was playing with it. That will not work with a toddler who likes to take stuff apart anyway!

All that to say, that return to Toys R Us netted Jonah lots of new little toys. There were several things we wanted to get him for Christmas but just didn't do as to not have an excessive amount of gifts. So, the return of the big gift allowed for lots of fun little things like a See & Say, a few books, the classic telephone with the blinky eyes, etc.

Well, one thing we got him was a Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle with knobs. Clare & Tammy gave him a puzzle for Christmas and he gets so mad/frustrated when he can't do it. He has put great effort in to trying but just can't quite master it yet. So, we got one that was a little less advanced. It only has three pieces and they all have big knobs.

Check out this face! Is that sheer excitement or what? He gets so excited when he gets the shape in the right place.
Sometimes he gets a little frustrated still and one of us have to step in and lend him a hand.
After we played with the puzzle for a while, the little guy started rubbing his eyes. I told him it was time to go "Night-night!" He immediately turned from the puzzle and went in search of a book.

He found his ladybug book and took it to daddy. He didn't want to sit in his lap because that was closer to the possibility of actually having to go to sleep.

So, back to the puzzle he went. He was so stinkin' sleepy but tried his best to convince us to let him stay up and play. (The plan failed!)

Finally, after another 10-15 minutes of playing with the puzzle, he decided it was okay to tell the puzzle "bye-bye" and go to bed.
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