Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our weekend company

We had company this weekend. My mommy's cousin's wife came to visit us. You can see their blog here. Tommy (Suzanne's husband) is my mom's grandmother's brother's son. Man...that is a lot to say! Anyway, she came in to town for the Kelly's Kids warehouse sale. We live about 6 miles from there so my mom invited her to spend the night with us so she didn't have to leave Madison at 4:00 a.m.

She came in last night and had dinner with us. I had to go to bed pretty soon after she got here so we didn't get to visit much last night. But, when she got back from the warehouse sale today, she and I got to play. I showed her my favorite books and would you believe that her little girl, Mary Peyton has some of the same books as her favorites!

She thought it was funny that Max has so many clothes. We kept changing his clothes everytime he went outside because they got wet. (There was LOTS of rain!!!) So, when she laughed at his shirt, mommy got his raincoat out for her to see. She really thought that was funny!
The next time Suzanne comes, she is bringing Tommy and Mary Peyton. How fun will that be?

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Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...


i can't wait to come back and see you!!! and i'll bring mary peyton with me. tommy, too, if he is being nice.

tommy liked all of mary peyton's clothes - and was glad i got a bargain!

i hope we come back to see you SOON!!!!

winstead family said...

hey nikki!! suzanne told me my name came up in conversation. we seem to know LOTS of the same people! :)
jonah is so funny and adorable. i love reading about him even though i've never met him!


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