Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Day

Jonah & I went to lunch at Sue's house today. She had the typical New Years meal so we were happy to share it with her. Dan stayed home to watch football because he thinks the entire day on January 1 should be spent in a recliner watching football. It is a day he looks forward to all year long. I had a little bit of a difficult time getting Jonah to leave because he wanted to play with his 'Giggle and Go Garage' that Hannah gave him. I finally just picked him up and headed out the door. He didn't realize Josh & Manna had a present for him at Sue's house.

He was very happy to see the HUGE bag of blocks they gave him. He gets a little (well, a LOT) frustrated when the blocks come apart after he puts them together. We are beginning to see a few OCD tendencies in him. I'm hoping that is something he grows out of. There are very specific things that have to be just right or he can not function. (ie. He will NOT eat if a sippy cup is on his high chair tray. It has to be on the table next to him.) Anyway, back to the blocks...
Josh even stepped away from football long enough to play with blocks. I think he liked the new blocks as much as Jonah did.
After the blocks were all out on the floor, Jonah checked the bag just to be sure there was nothing left behind.

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