Thursday, January 31, 2008

My package

My mom found two boxes from by the front door today. She gave them to me because she said both boxes had something for me in them. I was excited at first but then I realized I didn't know how to open boxes that were taped up?
But, being the hero that he is, my daddy stepped in and saved the day. He had a knife! I wanted to hold it but he wouldn't let me. Bummer!
I wasn't too excited at first because whatever it was had plastic wrapped all around it. Daddy had to use his knife again.
Once he got the first package open, I saw something that looked strangely familiar. I saw BROWN BEAR!!! How on earth did my book get int that box? I mean, I was just playing with it when the boxes showed up at the door. It must be a magic book!!!
I immediately handed mom the Wheels on the Bus in order to examine the Brown Bear book a little closer.

Daddy then showed me a new book they bought me that was recommended by my cousin Ella. It is from the same people who wrote Brown Bear. I was immediately intrigued but still held on tight to Brown Bear.

In the midst of looking at the new book, I realized this was NOT my book. I had no idea where my old copy was so I jumped up with the new copy of Brown Bear and went to find my original copy of Brown Bear. Once I found it and knew it was safe, I handed the new one right back to mom. I have no need for a new copy of Brown Bear because mine is just fine.
She tried to give it back to me but it upset me and made me cry. What do I have to do to let her know I don't want a NEW Brown Bear book.

She kept trying to give it to me and I kept backing away from it. People, listen to me...MY COPY OF BROWN BEAR IS ALL I WANT!!!!
Finally, daddy told me I didn't have to take it right now. He put it on the table and said that maybe I could keep it in the car or something. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the invoices and packing material that came with my new books. Would you believe that Brown Bear only costs $6.99? I thought it must be worth millions???? Wow!
My mom took these pictures so you could see the difference in my old book and the new imposter book! Just imagine the one on the left sticking to your hand. Mommy says it is gross to even touch!!
Look athe difference in the last pages of the two books. Even though it is a board book, the pages are bent, a little bit of the paper is missing and it shows lots of signs of wear.

Mommy says she ordered the new book so I would have an extra to take with me. And, she wants to eventually put my old copy up with other important items like what I wore home from the hospital and my first outfit I ever wore, etc. Yeah, I don't see that happening ANY time soon!

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Life with the J-Dubs said...

That has to be the funniest story ever. He looks traumatized to even touch that new book! What were you thinking!

Anonymous said...

Jonah, you know the original book, so stand firm, mama and daddy well they have to know they got one smart little boy on their hands don't mess with your book cause you know the difference!!!!

Karin said...

That's hysterical!! ;)


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