Tuesday, January 22, 2008

After the bath

This is the sad face I make when I have to get out of the bathtub. I never want to get out but they always make me. Life is so hard and unfair sometimes. I got this frog bath towel from GiGi for Christmas. I love it but I always know it is time to get out when I see it. So, it makes me cry! I guess that would make it a love/hate relationship. The other day, I saw the towel hanging on my door and I pulled it off, handed it to my mom and did the sign for "bath!" Guess what? She actually put me in the tub!! That time, the frog towel came in very handy!

Since I was a little unhappy about getting out of the tub, mommy let me read a book before going to the changing table. Daddy said it is very dangerous for me to spend any time out of a diaper. I was good and did not tee-tee in the glider. (only just because I had just done it in the clean tub water! he he!)

Mommy picked me up, lotioned me up, put me in PJ's then let me get back to my book. This is one of my new books that they got me last weekend when they went to Baton Rouge.

Across the room, I saw Baby Tad. I got Baby Tad when I was just a little baby. I wasn't so sure of him at first but I have become quite fond of him. Mommy gave him to me and I got very excited. (As evidenced by my face in the picture below!)
I punched all the buttons and did what it told me to do. I must be very smart. I think I really am because my mom tells me that all the time.
What I did next made mommy cry just a little bit. I leaned over and kissed Tad on the lips on the side of his face. She could not figure out how I knew to do that. If I could talk I would have told her that it makes a kissing sound when you push it so therefore it must want you to kiss it. Come on mom, put your thinking cap on!!!

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