Monday, December 31, 2007

Rob & Mel

We went to the mall for lunch on our way out of Memphis. I had chicken nuggets from Wendy's and rice from the Chinese place. I immediately took the nuggets out of their box and put them beside me in the stroller. I wasn't sure how long we were staying so I felt like I needed to store some for later. I also emptied the crumbs on my head. Mommy was not very happy about that
We went to the Stride Rite store so I could have my foot measured. I'm a size 6 wide in case you are wondering. Rob and I played with the beads on the walls in there.
I walked away to stare at another little boy and Rob kept playing. How nice of him to pretend those beads were fun just for me!
My dad found a really cool playground inside the mall. He and Rob took me there while mom and Melanie made a couple of stops. I did not want to leave that place.
We sat down by the carousel before leaving so I could get a picture with Rob and Melanie. They were here this time last year and we took pictures then too! This is our 2nd year to spend the weekend before New Years Day with them. It just so happened this year was a bowl game for State. So, we all headed to Memphis for the game. Mommy says Melanie enjoyed the game more than anyone. (I am pretty sure she was kidding!)

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Jami Ainsworth said...

6W wow! That's about the same as Natalie! She is 6.5 W or regular
7...and whole 12 months in age.

Hope y'all are having Great Holidays! They are so much more special through the eyes of a

I finally started my 2007 newsletter. Maybe we won't be into 2008 a week before I get them out along with my cards. I still think late is better than never!

We love y'all...
The Ainsworth Family


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