Monday, December 24, 2007

A good boy?

I must have been a very good boy this year because I racked up on gifts! Several people have given me gifts over the last couple of weeks and mommy put them under the tree so I could open them all at once. Well, today was the day!! Even though it was her birthday, I got gifts! Could life be any better? Well, maybe it could if Max would get out of my way when I am trying to open presents.

Ms. Earlene at my school gave me this box of trucks. Daddy thought I may be a little young for them but I have played with them non-stop. The best thing about them is that Max is deathly afraid of them. HA!
How sweet do I look in this picture? Maybe Santa will see this picture and be encouraged about what he brings me!!!

The Verdel's gave me a cool set of nesting Creation Balls. I can't tell you what they are because I'm sure my dad is going to be using them for a Children's sermon one day soon. So, stay tuned for that.

Stephen and Hope sent me my first remote control car. It came in the mail and I LOVE it. My mom and dad want to send a big thank you to them ALL the way in Georgia because it makes LOTS of noise. Mom says she can't wait until they have children so she can repay the favor!
Mommy took this next picture to show you what daddy left behind after helping open the boxes. OOOOOH...daddy got in trouble!
Here is mommy with 2 of her 3 favorite boys in the whole world. Poor Mommy...our house is overrun with boys. We really need a girl around here to help her out!
Aww...come on! I don't want pictures of my mom kissing all over me! What will my friends say?
Ok...enough of that kissing stuff and back to the presents. Uncle Marty & Aunt Debra are trying to prep me for my first year of T-Ball. They want to make sure I'm a starter on the team.

I got lots of fun stuff. I have already had a blast playing with everything. From what I hear, Santa is bringing more stuff. This just gets better and better.

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