Friday, May 25, 2018

Micah's 1st Grade Class Awards

Today was a fun day for Micah.  He was so excited to have us in his classroom to hear about his accomplishments.  1st grade has been very good for him.  He received a Rocking Reader Award, his first grade medal, an award (with a trophy he already got earlier in the week) for 475 Reading Counts points and the most words read in 1st Grade.  He finished this year with all A's in his Academic subjects.  He discovered that he is very good at spelling, reading and science.  He also discovered he does not enjoy anything to do with writing or math facts.  ha!

His teacher, as per usual this year, did an amazing job with her presentation. Her love for these students was amazing.  She sent us pictures most every day of them  throughout the day.  She sent group shots and individuals.  She never highlighted one student over another.  She loved them all well!

The class all pitched in and gave her a gift card bouquet worth $350.  It was filled with family activities and restaurants she can do with her kids/husband over the summer.  I love class gifts because it doesn't highlight the wealth of one family over another.  All gifts are combined and she received one total gift from the whole class. 


Miller is in a different class this year but we had to have photos with him so we we met up with them outside and took a few!

It was a great day honoring all of these cute little first graders.  I'm glad Micah gets to grow up with such a fun group of kiddos!

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