Friday, July 28, 2017

Jonah's 11th Birthday

This was Jonah's first year to not have a birthday party so we wanted do something special but way more low key than a big party.  He invited a couple of friends (and his little brother) out for a day of fun at SkyZone in Daytona.  

We left SkyZone and Jonah got to pick the spot for lunch so he chose Olive Garden.  

It was a really fun time for him with his friends.  We came home and got ready for a little family celebration with just the four of us.  

Apparently these are the faces you get when they aren't ready for the timer to go off.  Ha!

His big gift this year was the preorder of Star Wars Battlefront II for his PS4.  He was thrilled!

Dinner that night was his favorite...Texas Roadhouse!  That kid can put down some rolls and steak.  He was so happy to celebrate there but refused to SADDLE UP!

I was surprised he could put one more thing in his belly after all the food he ate at Texas Roadhouse but he was so excited to come home for some cookie cake.  We invited our neighbor, Jaxon over for some singing and eating.  

It was a great day celebrating our new 11 year old.  We love this boy so much and love days like today where we get to honor him all day long!


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