Sunday, June 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Any time a holiday happens on a Sunday, we wake the kids super early so they have time to take it all in and not get rushed out the door.  But, it never seems to be enough time.  
They got dressed and we ran outside to snap a few photos.  Micah LOVED his clothes this year.  He was convinced his little suit was a tuxedo but got confused about what a tuxedo was and actually called it a gazebo all weekend.  It was so cute that I didn't want to correct him.  

Ware usually at church fairly early so we snapped a few photos before heading off to Sunday School.
6 of the 9 staff kids...

We stuck around until everyone was done with photos at church so that gave us time for some with friends while we waited our turn.  

We took this shot of all the staff families and thought it was hard to get all of us looking at the camera and happy but the one of just the staff kids was KILLER!!!!

Seriously, how funny are these?  I'm so tickled all over again!

All of the Ministerial staff and their families came to our house for lunch and pool time.  

While we finished up lunch, all the dads and our neighbor dads hid a TON of eggs for the kids to hunt. 

Josh and Emma hid Aaron and Lyla's eyes as they walked over so they wouldn't see where the eyes were hidden.  

Here's the whole crew...READY TO FIND EGGS!

It's always a good day when our neighbor shares some books with Jonah.  

After the big egg hunt, we divided the kids among the pools and spent the afternoon swimming.  The littles stayed at our pool and the big kids swam at the Forare's pool.  

It was such a fun day with a group of people we love so much.  It's a gift to serve alongside of people so solid in their calling and who are just really good people.  We love being on staff with them!


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