Thursday, June 1, 2017

Micah's Kindergarten Reading Counts Ceremony

Kindergarten brought many things into Micah's life but most of all, it gave him a love of reading.  He didn't excel at handwriting or anything artistic but he learned to read and took off!  The goal to reach trophy in Kindergarten was 75 points.  He got 112 points.  He didn't even test for about three weeks toward the end of the program.  We haven't decided how invested we are going to let him be in this program.  We've seen the good and the bad side of Reading Counts with Jonah so involved.  But, for this year, we let him do it and he was so thrilled to receive a trophy.  
Jonah's eyes are closed in this photo but I couldn't leave out Micah's inspiration for being a good reader!

The fun part of reaching trophy level was being there with his buddies.  There were 10 Kindergarten kids total who reached at least 75 points and 6 of those were from Micah's class.  

His face...

Braeden is a 3rd grader who set a school record this year for the most points EVER and he happened to be Micah's reading buddy this year.  We all love Braeden so it was special for Micah that he was there.  

Preschool buddies and now Kindergarten buddies.  Let's see if they end up together in First Grade.  

Bless...these crazy boys were just babies and now they are getting awards for reading.  

And, with their big brothers who are also BIG readers!!!  (And, they are all crazy as you will notice in the progression of photos!)

It was a fun night getting to celebrate Micah's success.  He has sat through so many award programs for Jonah so it is fun to have him be the star for once.  And, let me tell ya...he soaked it all in!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jonah's 5th grade Limo Ride

After field day was over, we rushed over to let Jonah change clothes before the Limo Ride.  He was not planning to even go but Logan made it so he changed plans and went as well.  He was the top reader in 5th grade this year and read the most words in the entire school.  He made the Reading Counts celebration all 6 years.  

Jonah & Logan

Holder West

Jonah & Holder (5th Grade and 2nd Grade Top Readers)

Jonah & Reagan  (5th and 4th Grade top Readers)

Jonah and Braeden (Top Words in the School and Top Points in the School)

There they go!!!  I've always met them at the pizza place but decided against it this year.  
So, here we are at the end of the Reading Counts program for Jonah.  He ranked in the top 5 of his grade every year at Freedom.  He read close to 17 million words and had almost 5600 points!  There are many things I could say about the program.  Some are good and some are bad.  Regardless of my thoughts and opinions, I will say that it did develop an immense vocabulary for Jonah, helped him learn to set goals and prioritize time but most of all, made him fall in love with books and become a life long reader.  That in itself is a major win!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

AWANA Awards Night

We just completed our second year of AWANA and both boys did so well.  Micah completed his book before Christmas and worked on a review book the rest of the year.  That kid has a crazy good memory.  Jonah completed his last year of AWANA and also completed his book.  AWANA is a big commitment but the truth of scripture that my kids have in their hearts now make it all worth it.  


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