Friday, March 17, 2017

Micah's Kindergarten Zoo Field Trip

Field trips aren't my jam.  Does that make me a bad mom to say that?  Oh, well.  It's true.  I don't enjoy field trips.  But, this zoo trip was a lot of fun this year.  The weather was perfect.  This class of friends is super sweet.  So many of the parents are our friends.  It was just an easy and really fun day.  

And, at what point do little boys quit holding hands with their friends?  It's the sweetest thing to see.  

You know you've got a good chaperone when he starts a game of Simon Says while waiting for a train ride.  

Aja skipped out on this field trip so Dave got to go.  Doesn't he look happy to hang out with us all day??

Thursday, March 16, 2017

5th & Kinder "Holiday" Parties

Enjoy these TWO pictures of Jonah from his Christmas party because they are all I have.  Two photos.  That's what happens when you get to 5th grade.  There wasn't an official party for me to attend so I snapped these as I walked by his classroom heading to Micah's class party.  
Our school district went to uniforms this year but they all got to wear pajamas on this last day of school before the holiday.  
Micah has a matching grinch top to this Pottery Barn pajama set but it was hot that day.  So, we put him in a t-shirt instead.  

Aja was in Holder's class for his party that morning so Miller was little sad when he looked up and saw all of us there but his mommy wasn't there.  Poor guy!

She made it...
Actually, she came in right after he cried because she wasn't there. I told him she was helping in Holder's class and was on her way.  

And, this right here might be why their teacher was smiling as she hugged them goodbye that day! :-)


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