Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Micah's First Grade Open House

Micah's open house was delayed due to Hurricane Irma.  She caused so much trouble around here and the school open houses were just one thing in the list of many.  He was so excited to show us everything in his classroom while his big brother was equally excited to visit his old stomping grounds.

He stood next the Sight Word Sundae wall to show us his Sundae was complete.  They work on these throughout the year but he mastered his sight words on the first attempt.
He loved showing us around the classroom and pointing out every single detail.

He is very happy to be in a class with Sam again this year.  A few friends from last year are together again but he has always made lots of new friends.

We ADORE his teacher.  This is her third year to teach and we feel so blessed to be part of her class.

We stopped by the Media Center so Jonah could see the plaque with his name on it.  He never got to see it last year after he was awarded the honor at 5th Grade graduation.  He was quite happy to see it there.

On our way back to the car, we ran into Grayson and his family.  We chatted with them for a minute then stopped so Jonah could give a hut to Mrs. Willard.  We had a great 5th grade year with her and she will always be a family favorite around here.

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