Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Day at Silver Glen

Right before school started last August, we got to spend a day on the water with some church members.  They live on a canal and their boat is docked at their house.  We met them there then headed out for a day at Silver Glen.  

Silver Glen is one of those places we've heard about since we moved here.  It's a popular spot to boat to then spend the day in the water.  

He's like his momma...he enjoys the boating life.  

Look at how clear this water was as we approached our stopping point.  

We got there a little later in the day so there were already a lot of boats anchored for the day.  We actually stopped a little ways out so Mr. Bill could spend the day in the shade.  He doesn't get in the water so he always finds a place to dock that is fully shaded so he can enjoy his nap.  

The boys played around the boat for a while as we got lunch ready.  

They were especially happy because Ms. Terri had ice cold Dr. Pepper's ready for them.  That is a rare treat for them so they cherished every sip of those.  

After swimming out the spring and playing in the frigid water, we headed back to the boat and back to their house.  Micah enjoyed driving the boat with Mr. Bill.  

It was a perfect Florida day full of sunshine and the beauty of God's creation.  

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Choate Family said...

Love those sweet grins!


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