Sunday, March 12, 2017

Our Final Day on the Disney Wonder

We woke up on Wednesday morning to a beautiful day at sea. By morning, I actually mean VERY LATE MORNING!  I forget who woke up first but it was after 10 a.m.   If you combine a bedtime after midnight with a jet black room and the gentle rocking of a ship, you can guarantee our family will do some serious sleeping.  Since we woke up late, the kids opted to skip breakfast and go straight to the kids club long enough to wait for lunch to be served.  We dropped them then headed to the gym.  I was on the treadmill for about 2/10 of a mile then decided to take my walk to the upper deck. I couldn't miss that sunshine and blue ocean on our last day.  

After my walk, I grabbed the kids for lunch.  Micah was having too much fun on a Superhero adventure so he begged  to stay just a little longer.  Jonah was starving so he came with me.  He enjoyed 4 desserts and a few other yummy things.  I sat across from him and realized I was having very grown up conversations with him.  He's morphing into a teen with each passing day so I cherish the moments of little kid that are still left.  
As soon as he was done, he rushed back to the kids club while I took another walk before finding a great place to read.  They were showing Enchanted on the big screen at the pool and I wanted to stop there to watch but I was really into my book about those who serve the families at The White House, The Residence.  If you are interested in behind the scenes information and are intrigued by the First Families, then this book is for you.  It was really, really good!

One of the promises made to Jonah's teacher (when she agreed to let him miss a week of school) was that he would continue to read even though he was on the cruise.  We downloaded a big book from the library for him.   He read a good bit at night and then while he was waiting for various things to start.  This was him waiting outside the Buena Vista Theater.  He and Dan were seeing Rogue One in 3D.  (Disney Cruises have theaters that show first run movies so if you're a movie buff, you can get your fill on these ships!)

When they were watching the movie, I convinced Micah to leave the kids club long enough for some lunch.  We spotted Goofy on our way to Cabanas so we stopped to say hi.  

Micah decided he wanted pizza instead of the food at Cabanas so we stopped at Pinocchio's Pizzeria to grab a couple of slices for him.  

On our way across the Lido Deck, they were handing out these delicious strawberry pops.  They were SO GOOD!

On our way back to the kids club, we saw Stitch.  We will always love Stitch because he's the first character Jonah ever met and he just leaned right into Stitch for a hug.  It's a sweet memory from our first ever Disney trip back in 2007.  

We all had a super fun day relaxing and reading (US) and playing (THEM) in the Kids Club.  On other cruise lines, the Sea Days always kind of bored me.  But, this was magnificent because there was so much to do.  Then, as we were back in our room getting ready for the show and dinner, someone knocked on our door and we opened it to find another surprise!
This whole Magical Family thing really was so cool.  It brought an element of surprise and we felt so special.  
Shai hand delivered our last treat and told us that he met us on the first day of the cruise and we were so kind to him and our kids were super polite so that is why he chose our family to treat all week long.  It was a great lesson for our boys about treating people with kindness.  (Granted, NONE of us remembered meeting him or the exchange he was speaking of so maybe he got the wrong family!  ha!)

He delivered another tray full of goodies and two gifts for the boys.  He gave them a stuffed Olaf and chocolate dipped Rice Krispy Treats.  The tray also had additional Mickey Rice Krispy Treats on it as well.  Micah always asks to buy those at Disney and we always so no.  (When you live here, you aren't as prone to partake of all the Disney Magic each time you visit the parks!)
Somehow these pictures got way out of order, but earlier in day, we received this platter of specialty cupcakes from Shai.  We assumed that was the last of the treats so we really were surprised when he knocked at the door with the big tray of gifts.  

Since we aren't drinkers, we passed the wine on to another cabin.  Jonah was super disappointed that wasn't the sparkling apple cider again.  He loves that stuff!

We all got changed and ready for the last show of the trip.  We found our seats in the theater and still had a few minutes for pictures while other people came in.  

When we ate at Animator's Palate, the kids left for Kids Club and missed the end of the show.  I planned to leave the theater early to get to the end of the first seating's time so Jonah and Micah could see it.  Micah was too entranced in the actual show in the theater to leave but Jonah and I made it in time to see the end of the presentation at AP.  He even got a dessert there while we waited.  

We met up with our group and headed into Tiana's.  This is a new restaurant that has come since the Wonder was in Dry Dock last year.  It's a New Orleans/Cajun themed restaurant patterned after The Princess and The Frog.  It was the place we were looking MOST forward to.  And, it was really good! The kid menus were instruments on one side so our boys enjoyed "playing" them.  

At one point in the meal, Miller was standing up next to Jonah with a fork and eating off of his place. His hamburger wasn't as good as Jonah's steak and rice.  :-)

Tiana with Dave and then with our boys.  

One of the fun parts of this restaurant is when everyone joins in a Mardis Gras style parade and marches around the restaurant.  Well, everyone except Jonah.  He was too embarrassed to go even though the entire restaurant was participating.  

Oh, I can't forget the last Mickey Bars of the trip.  These boys definitely put a dent in their supply!

The kids were itching to get back to the club for their final night and we were itching to get to the 80's trivia in the Azure.   After everyone got settled, I went to the atrium to watch some of the "See Ya Real Soon" show.  

And, just like that, it was all over!  We came back to our room to find one more towel animal with plenty of chocolates and a survey to fill out about our experience.  
It was a really great trip and if you come back for one more post, I'll share more about our overall experience, a few iPhone photos and the higher quality pics we bought from them.  Until then...

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