Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Kid on the Block

Our neighborhood is full of kids these days.  I'm talking kids everywhere. Kids on bikes.  Kids on scooters.  Kids running.  Kids dribbling basketballs.  Kids hitting tennis balls.  They. Are. Everywhere.  My kids love nothing as much as playing outside. 

I went outside today to watch the kids play because there were so many out there.  I was sitting with a couple of moms watching the madness.  There was one kid I didn't know.  One of the other mom's didn't know him either.  He was a mess.  If we said to get out of the road, he went in the road.  If we said run, he would walk.  He was fairly difficult and even disrespectful to me a couple of times when I was getting my kids to come inside.  

So, over dinner, I pointed out some of the things he did and told the kids I didn't want to ever  see them doing that.  And, apparently I flippantly said "I'm not a fan of that kid!"

Well, fast forward an hour and we went out for a walk after dinner.  Micah was on his bike.  Said kid started biking towards us and says "Hi, Micah!"  Without skipping a beat, Micah yells "MY MOM IS NOT A FAN OF YOU!"

I. Died.  

And, now I need to move. 

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