Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jonah's Induction Into National Elementary Honor Society

A few weeks ago, Jonah got dressed up for a special night at school.  He was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society.  Our school hasn't had a chapter for several years but our new school counselor put the work into it and brought it back.

We took a few pictures before it started with some of his friends.  It's crazy to me to have watched all of these kids grow up.  Some of them were in 3 year old preschool with Jonah and now they are a couple of months away from leaving elementary school!
We also took some pictures with friends from church.  (and a little brother wanted to join in!)

Our chapter has 5 offices and Jonah is one of them.  He spent some time before the program started just making sure he was prepared for his part.  (He did really good, by the way.)

All of these friends are in the same Kindergarten class with Mrs. Myers.  Their older siblings were all inducted to NEHS that night.  (Ava was there as well but not in this photo!)

Jonah seems so big to me but then when his little head barely peered over the podium, I realized he's not as big as I think he is.  He's certainly growing up but still has a ways to go.

We were there early enough to snag a front row seat so I got some good pictures of some of our other friends.

Our chapter at Freedom this year is a little large compared to other schools.  She expanded the requirements to any kid who made all A's and B's the first half of the year AND who had good scores in conduct.  As the chapter grows, she will make the requirements a little more difficult so they are more in line with other schools.  I think we inducted 61 kids that night?

Truthfully, these kids didn't care much about the program, they only wanted the cookies!

We have so many pictures with sweet Ms. Nancy over the years.  She was Jonah's 3K teacher right when we moved here.  She made a spot for him in her class and has loved him since that first day he met her.  I dropped him off at a new place in a new town and didn't even know how to get back home.  She hugged me and told me he would be fine.  He was.  She has been a big part of his life since that day.

Jonah with our principal, Mr. Leader.

Neighbors...and good buddies!
Mrs. Wycuff put a lot of work into this event and a put a lot of effort into bring NEHS back to Freedom.  

Oh, Claire.  What you need to know about this picture is that Micah likes Ava.  I mean REALLY LIKES Ava.  As in, he made her a card at church that said "I LOVE YOU, AVA!"  He kept this all a secret except for telling his friend.  Well, it got back to Ava that Micah liked her and her response was "MARRY CLAIRE!"  Slammmmmm!
So, the little love triangle is pictured here.  
And, one of Micah with his first love, Ava.  
It was a great night celebrating the academic success of so many kids we have watched grow up!  Micah says when he gets old enough, he wants to be in NEHS...because they had great cookies!

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