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Day Three on the Disney Wonder- Castaway Cay Day

Our alarms were set for 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday (What?  Who sets an alarm on vacation???) morning.  Tuesday was our Castaway Cay day.  If you are familiar with Disney cruises, then you know Castaway Cay is Disney's private island. It's the well loved spot of cruisers and the most anticipated port.  If you aren't familiar with Disney Cruises, then you should just know that this port is full of hype and excitement and some people book cruises and pay a lot of money for itineraries that have two stops at CC.  
Our alarms were set because Dan and Jonah planned to run the 5K on the island that morning.  The 5K is another thing that people talk about and look forward to.  Disney doesn't charge anyone to run it but you have to be up and off the boat early.  (Which, in reality is a perk because you get a head start on claiming a spot to hang out for the day!)  When Dan and Jonah signed up the night before, they told us we could get off with them.  So, Micah and I got up with them and headed up to breakfast then to the start line!

I will say that one thing I don't love about the Disney cruise is the lack of communication.  I feel like most of what Aja and I knew and understood is from all the things we read AHEAD of the cruise.  From talking to friends who cruised Disney to Facebook groups to threads on the Disboards, we were fully immersed in all things Disney Wonder.  Had we not done that, we would have missed a lot or been confused by a lot.  This 5K is one of those things.  We read a lot about it ahead of time but there wasn't much information about in on board.  Nothing told us that the kids club would be open on the island.  Had we known that, Micah would have gladly gone there so I could do the 5K with Dan and Jonah.  We didn't know that until we were getting off the boat.  And, as it turns out, as we walked by and he saw it, he ended up going on in for a couple of hours so he could do the water games, the splash pad and the whale dig.  

After they took off running, I claimed a spot on the beach for our whole crew near the waterslide and then took the tram over to the Adults only side of the island.  

I hung out there for a bit while I waited for Dan and Jonah to run by.  I wanted to be there to cheer them on.  

I waved to them then headed back on the tram to meet them at the finish line!

Jonah definitely slowed Dan down but I'm glad they finished together.  The last 5K Jonah did was a 59 minute finish so I'm proud of him.  He knows he has some work to do before his next 5K in April. (Wave to them when you see them out running in our neighborhood!)
Regardless of their time, they still got a medal.  (Isn't that the real reason to run a 5K?)  :-)  There were lots more people to come in behind them so we cheered for a minute, took a few photos and then they headed back to the boat to change into swimsuits.  

Here is what you need to know about the Bahamas in March.  THE WATER IS COLD!  Let me repeat...THE WATER IS COLD!  Dan, who can brave cold water couldn't even do it.  He and Dave estimated it was in the 60's.  It was only 70 degrees outside but that felt really hot with the sun beating down.  That water though...NO WAY!  The kids didn't mind at all!

See Dan...that's as far as any of the adults went.  It was painfully cold.  
It didn't stop Micah from doing the slides though!

Lunch on the island was really good to us.  We ate breakfast at 7 a.m. so we were hungry about the time it opened at 11:30.  I don't know if it is because we ate right after it was put out or what but we really liked it all.  We've heard other people say it wasn't good to them and Dave said his wasn't great when he ate later in the day.  

Here's the West Family after we met up with them later in the day!

It really was such a beautiful day on the island!!
Our kids are kind of camouflaged in there.  See them?

The thing that Disney excels at are their kid's clubs.  Here we were on a gorgeous island and they wanted to go back to the kids club to play Capture the Flag.  So, we walked them over there for a while to get a game or two in.  

Poor Holder broke his arm the week before we left.  He handled it like a champ though.  Aja wrapped  it to keep the sand out of it so he could enjoy the beach day.  

After a full day on Castaway Cay, we rode the tram back to the ship so we could get ready for Pirate night!  (The other highly touted part of a Disney Cruise!)

And, as a fun surprise, we walked into our room to find another "Magical Family" surprise.  That cheese tray was SO good and the perfect treat for these hot, sweaty and overly tired parents!

Actually, now that I think about it, I think we let the kids go back and swim and do the waterslide for a while before getting ready for Pirate night.  I only say that because I have this random picture and I remember sitting in that chair for a while before showering.  (See, this is why I'm trying to blog this so quickly after the trip.  I'm already forgetting things!)

NOW I give you pirate night!  Aren't they the cutest?  Let me take just a minute to say that cruising with friends is SO. MUCH. FUN.  This trip wasn't some long planned idea.  It isn't something we talked about for years with their family.  It literally happened over a group Voxer chat with Aja and Allison one day.  We tried to lure the Kingsley family in to going with us but Allison's family was in the midst of a family medical situation with her step dad and for weeks everything was on hold with them. It didn't work out for them to go but that random comment that morning turned into our two families going and it was really so fun!

This next progression of pictures is so funny to me.  We had all the boys with us and planned to meet Dave and Aja in a few minutes.  I stopped to take a few photos while waiting for them.  I planned to take each set of siblings then Miller and Micah together.  But, the boys kept switching out until everyone had a picture with everyone.  It was them doing the switching and arranging.  It really was so sweet to watch how Holder and Micah kind of clicked and Jonah and Miller did the same over the week.  The obvious pairings happened all week with Miller/Micah and Jonah/Holder but seeing the others develop was always sweet to watch.  So, here they are in all of their organized photo ops.  

Holder took a picture for us.  Maybe not his gift?  ;-)

Holder had various characters sign his cast.  They were all super sweet to him about his cast.  
We went to our show at 6:15 fully unaware of how much we would laugh that night.  If there was one to skip, it would have been this one for me.  I'm so glad I didn't.  As with anything that is hilarious, you can never make anyone understand who wasn't there but it really was probably the funniest part of the entire cruise.  I laughed so hard that I cried...NUMEROUS TIMES!!!  

In no way does this give you an accurate picture of what was going on, but I'll just give you this visual to say Dan got called on stage.  He had to sing.  He had to dance.  There were many preacher jokes then and for the rest of the night.  The guy brought everything back to "Preacher Dan!" and we laughed our heads off.  

It truly was hilarious and do much fun and the adults enjoyed that part way more than the kids did because so much of it was over their heads but funny!

We left the show then went to see Goofy and Captain Jack Sparrow for more cast autographs and photos.  

Oh, Miller!  You are never short on laughs with this one around!
Our pirate night dinner was back in Animator's Palate but with a different menu.  But, do you know what is on every menu?  MICKEY BARS!!!!

We left dinner and went upstairs for the Pirate Deck party.  I'm glad we had jackets because it was chilly up there.  

At one point in the show, Mickey came in to save the day (SHOCKING!) and then turned our attention to the sky where we enjoyed fireworks at sea!  That really was so very cool!!

We ended the night with a Pirate Meal in Cabanas (Which none of us were hungry for!)  And, as you can see, we were actually exhausted and ready for bed!!

We walked into our rooms to find our towel animals were actually pirates reading in our beds.  HILARIOUS!!!  We saw ours then ran next door to see Dave & Aja's.  
Ours was reading Micah's Curious George Book and theirs was reading Aja's Lent Devotional from She Reads Truth.  I guess their pirate was more spiritual than ours!

It was a GREAT day!  We had so much fun from start to finish.  But, we were all ready for a good night of sleep so we could enjoy our last day on the boat.  

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Aja said...

I still get tickled thinking of that show. SO hilarious! I was looking forward to Castaway Cay/Pirate Night the least, but it ended up being a super fun day and night!


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