Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day One on the Disney Wonder!

We've had a Disney Cruise on our vacation bucket list for several years.  We've cruised Carnival and Royal Caribbean but never Disney.  We've watched for deals and tried to make it work for years but it just never has.  Then, a few weeks ago, out of the blue, a great deal showed up on my screen and I jumped on it.  Then I realized it was the week BEFORE Spring Break.  I knew I couldn't pull the trigger without checking with Jonah's teacher.  

The week of the cruise coincided with the last week of the grading period.  I knew that meant lots of things due and several tests.  I didn't know how he could miss that much time but also knew his teacher would let me know if it wasn't doable.  While I waited to hear from her, our friends Dave and Aja (who had also been watching for a good deal) jumped on board (hee hee...pun totally intended!) and decided to go as well.  Jonah's teacher agreed to help (more on that later!) him so we quickly booked the cruise and started the planning!

We went to church last Sunday morning then headed to Port Canaveral right after the second service. We always park at an off site parking place when cruise out of Canaveral so we dropped our cars there and got on the shuttle to head to the ship.  Micah decided to hang out with Dave.  
 The kids were super excited about the cruise but more excited about just getting to hang out.  (Seriously, we live in neighboring neighborhoods and they almost NEVER play together outside of church or school!?!?  I think this cruise taught us that we need to make that happen more often!)

 I guess this was the official "hang out with a different dad" day because Miller grabbed Dan's hand as we made our way to board the ship.  

 It was so cute to see them get their first view of the Disney terminal.  They were all blown away.  

 Disney has Port Arrival times so the guests arrive at staggered times throughout the day.  Check-in was a breeze and we quickly made our way onto the ship and to our staterooms.  We both chose the cheapest rooms- Inside State Rooms.  We've always chosen these rooms because they are the least expensive and totally dark!  (Thus the reason our kids sleep until 10 am on cruises when we don't have to get up for a specific reason!)

 Our rooms had a split bath and that was really nice.  I wish all cruise lines had this option.  

 After dropping our luggage in our rooms, we headed upstairs to Cabana's for lunch.  This is my least favorite dining time of the entire trip.  It is always so crowded because everyone is boarding and HUNGRY!  We had to sit at separate tables just to find a place to sit.  

 The kids could hardly wait to to check out the Kid's Clubs.  This was the only time pictures could be taken inside the clubs so I snapped a few.  

 The kids clubs were amazing.  Our boys never wanted to leave.  There was a lab and a club with a hallway separating the two.  The kids could go between the two.  Their magic bands told the staff where they were at all times.  There was a big ratio of counselors to kids.  There were so many activities and if you didn't like the activities, there were so many video games/electronic options.  I think Micah and Miller were the perfect age to really enjoy it.  I don't think I could have said that two years ago.  The kids club starts at age 3 but I think they would have enjoyed it less then.  They are still so dependent on mommy/daddy at that age but 5 and 6 brings a new level of independence so this was perfect!  Jonah and Holder loved it as well.  Seriously, they would have slept there if we had let them!

 After the muster drill and an obligatory stop for ice cream, we headed to the deck for the sail away party.  As you will see, Micah especially enjoyed this.  Jonah, well, he stood stoically willing a hole to open up and swallow him so he didn't have to dance!

 Miller and Holder did some serious dancing as well!

 After the sail away party, we went to the top deck to watch the ship leave Port Canaveral.  

 Both boys brought books to read.  Micah spent the week reading a Curious George book.  
 Jonah read a 30 point Rick Riordan Book with 125,000 words.  I guess he will hit 6 million words now.  
 If you have sailed Disney, you know that a big thing are the door decorations and Fish Extenders.  We did the door decorations but didn't participate in Fish Extenders.  It stressed me out to even think about it.  Aja did it and loved it.  It added a layer of fun to the week for her family.  
 He kills me!

 I started out by taking pictures of our food but honestly, the food on the Disney cruise wasn't nearly as good to me as some of the other cruise lines.  (and, i forgot to take the pictures at each meal!)

 I did take pictures of the boys with their Mickey Bars each night.  They were so excited about unlimited Mickey ice cream bars and they took full advantage of them!

 Another Disney perk is free room service.  On our first night, we ordered chocolate chip cookies, milk and a bowl of fruit.  We all enjoyed that midnight snack!  After we finished it, Micah asked if we could order Mickey ice cream bars as well.  He took the "midnight snack" thing seriously!!

Day one was so much fun but we were all exhausted.  I think sleep came easily for all of us that night.  Stay tuned for Day two...


Aja said...

So fun! I'm loving these posts even though I was there for it all!

Aja said...

So much happened that day that didn't make the recap, but I'll save for our memories. Four words: Kids Dramamine at dinner! 😩🤢😴


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