Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SBC Staff Christmas Party

I think the only pictures I took of our house decorated for Christmas 2016 were the ones I snapped right before the SBC Staff Christmas party.  

Our staff parties have always been a little more formal with real Christmas food.  We decided to free everyone up from bringing anything and just have Chipotle cater the meal.  It worked perfectly!

We turned our credenza into a photo booth for the night.  

We had a yummy dinner then played some fun games together.  

The saran wrapped ball was full of candy, gift cards and slips of paper giving you a gift to open.  

We stretched it out by adding several rules.  Spouses could not sit next to each other.  If the ball hit the ground, your turn was over.  You had the wear the apron and oven mitts.  
We all cheered when Barbara won the $50 bill.  She put on quite a show for us.  She totally deserved it.  

After everyone left, our boys came home and had a LARGE time at the photo booth.  (Like, I'm talking at least three hours of posing, taking photos, recording videos and calling us over to watch!)

While they were in the mood for photos and silliness, I took the chance to take some photos of my own that night. word.  This is their new pose.  They do it every time there are with someone and I'm not there and then instruct that person to text me with the photo.  They think it is hilarious and I have no less than 50 pictures of them doing this.  

It was a really great night with our church staff and just reminded us of the sweet blessing we have of serving with them.  

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