Monday, February 20, 2017

Halloween 2016

Every Halloween, we spend the afternoon and evening with our neighbors and other friends for a big party and pumpkin carving contest.  

Please check out the veins in Dan's neck.  This was a very difficult task apparently.  

Here is Dan trying to mimic his pumpkin carving.  Yikes!

After the pumpkins were carved, we ran home to put on costumes and get ready to go out trick or treating.  

I finally caved this year and let them get costumes with masks.  I despise costumes with masks.  I don't like not seeing their faces.  I don't like not knowing which kid is mine (because so many kids were wearing Star Wars!) and that totally happened when I corrected a kid I thought was Micah and it was another Kylo Ren!!!  TWICE!!!

The carving contest is always a big deal to the people trick or treating around here.  They remember voting each year and talk about it when they come around.  

It was another fun year of neighborhood Halloween Fun!

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