Sunday, February 26, 2017

A not-so-wintry beach day...

 We've barely had a winter this year!  I'm not really complaining but it's been very odd.  I guess I'm kind of glad because Micah lost his brand new Columbia coat the first time he wore it.  So, the lack of winter meant I never had to buy him another coat.  

 The beauty of not having a real winter this year is that we spent a portion of our Christmas break at the beach.  Yes, we slathered on sun screen and spent the day at the beach on December 29th.  

 And, to be honest, it is now late February and we're aching to get back there.  We almost went this afternoon but Dan thought he might be home early so we stayed home and waited for him.  

 These pictures make me excited for many beach days to come this summer.  When you live 23 miles from the ocean, it just makes sense to spend your days there.  I can't wait!

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