Thursday, December 22, 2016

Back To The Manger

One of the most fun things our kids did last fall was participate in the Children's Musical at our church.  They both tried out for speaking parts and were fully engaged in the entire process.  The program was December 7th and they were READY!
Dan did the musical direction for this program so it was something all three of them did together.  They were excited to be with Dan for rehearsals each week but also to be with their friends.  
Micah was so surprised when Lennon came backstage to see him.  Lennon has been his sweet friend from birth.  She is the niece of a church member/friend and she always tries to give them special time together.  Lennon lives an hour away but always makes an effort to be at special things for her buddy Micah. 

Aaron, our neighbor was also one of the lead roles.  As you can see, he isn't camera shy!

So many special friends came to see the boys in the program.  Forgive my terrible photos.  My camera setting was wrong and I didn't realize it until I uploaded these.  

Hailey is a friend from Kindergarten.  Micah has known her a couple of years because her mom was Jonah's 4th grade teacher.  
Mrs. Myers was Jonah's Kindergarten teacher and now she is Micah's teacher.  Her daughter Riley is in Jonah's class and Micah thinks she hung the moon.  So, he was pretty impressed she came to see him.  When she comes to our house, he monopolizes ALL of her time!
Mary Anne is the sweetest lady from my job in Sanford.  She is SO kind to my boys and always supports them in whatever they are involved in.  
Miller is...well, if you don't know who Miller is then you don't know us at all.  He's on this blog almost as much as our kids are.  (which, coincidentally hasn't been much over the last year!  I'm working on that for the sheer sake of memory keeping!)

One more with Lennon before she headed out.  
Here is Mrs. Myers with 4 of her Kinder kiddos that night.  
Mrs. Evans was Jonah's (and Aaron's) 4th grade teacher.  She has always been so sweet to support Jonah in whatever he is participating in.  
Glenn Boys + West Boys.  (So many pics of the 4 of them over the years and Micah's eyes are open in most of them!)

Robert and Courtney are Jonah's Sunday School teachers have been involved in most every part of his church life for the past 3 years.  He loves them so much and they are such special friends to him.  Nelson is his basketball coach this year and according to Jonah "is one of my real good friends!)

Lilah was also in the program.  She and Micah are big buddies and have grown up together as neighbors.  She was just 18 months old when our moving truck rolled into DeLand.  
Another blurry photo with Aaron. 
Gigi was in town for the program and both boys were happy to have her here.  It's fun to have family in the audience when you aren't used to that ever happening.  
Jordan joined the family fun...
Jonah and Graci Jan have been in things together since 3 year old preschool.  They go to different schools but have a sweet little history of being involved in things together.  We have tons of photos to prove it.  
Here is Aaron again with Micah and Colton.  Aaron didn't miss a photo op that night.  :-)  Love that kid!
I'm not sure why the pictures with Micah and Colton are both so terrible but they are all I have so I'm stuck with them.  Colton looks cute.  Micah looks drugged.  

Two of my favorite performers from the night, Hank and Norman.  (Yes, that is a pocket protector!)

The boys with Miss Hannah.  
Dan left the program and went straight to a meeting so we didn't get a photo with him.  (Please not Micah's face AGAIN!!!  Worst night ever of pictures for him!)

It was a really great experience for them to have one year of musicals together.  It was a LOT of extra time and preparation in the midst of an already busy season.  We've already been discussing if this is something we will do in the fall or not.  Regardless of our decision, this was a fun one and I'm so glad  the three Glenn guys got to do this together.  

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