Friday, January 20, 2017

A very wet last Fall 2016 soccer game

We LOVED soccer last fall.  It was so fun to see Dan coach Jonah's team and them to share that experience.  We were happy to have a break on Saturday mornings but we were sad to see soccer end.  Except, the rain came during our last game and we didn't even get to finish it.  
It actually ended up as a fun thing because all the kids went out and played in the rain.  Micah especially loved this!!

Two of these three Kindergarten boys were SOAKED!

Addison hates having photos taken but she actually smiled for this one!

Apparently the rain made Jonah close his eyes.  

It's always a fun time for Jonah when his favorite 3rd grade teacher shows up.  We love Jessica Leonard and she is always so kind to show up to his events even though he has been out of her class for 2 years.  

SOAKED...and dirty!

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