Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Sometimes you have to wake your kids up on Christmas Morning.  Bless their little sleeping hearts.  We love sleep and we've passed that down to them.  

They waited in the hallway so I could get a picture of them walking out together.  They are kind to oblige their picture loving momma!

It was a big year for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys so they were thrilled to get Dak jerseys.  

I thought I was super smooth with the gift I surprised Dan with but come to find out, he totally knew about it.  Oh well, 

Seriously, how sweet is this?  The boys shopped for each other and used their own money to buy gifts.  Those were the first gifts they wanted to open.  

The BIG surprise gift for the boys was a PS4.  They, especially Jonah, had wanted one of these a long time.  We finally gave in and gave it to them this year.  As you can see, they were very excited.  

We tried to FaceTime family members as the boys opened gifts from them.  Gigi was up first.  

We had to stop the fun and get ready for church since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year.  We were excited to worship with our church family.  

We grabbed some Chinese food for lunch and came home to finish opening gifts.  We called MiMi on FaceTime so she could see the boys open her gifts.  

While the boys played with their new toys, I got busy in the kitchen getting dinner ready for our crew.  

Hazel and Louise were the first to arrive.  Hazel had gifts for the boys so they were excited to open them.  

The rest of the dinner crew began to arrive so we got everything ready so we could sit down to eat.  

It was a really great day opening gifts, going to church, spending time with friends and focusing on Jesus!


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