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Monday, December 12, 2016

Micah's 6th Birthday Party

For at least three years, Micah has wanted to have  Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.  He's asked numerous times per year.  Our answer has always been the same...NO WAY!

As his birthday got closer this year, I kept throwing out options to him and he kept asking to go to the LegoLand Hotel for his birthday.  Every time I priced it, it was coming up around $800 for a night at the hotel and tickets for all 4 of us.  He mentioned Chuck E. Cheese again and I knew that could be a happy compromise.  

My only stipulation was that I would NOT do it on a weekend.  But, doing a weeknight party on a school night would almost guarantee no friends could come.  When I checked the school calendar, there was a school holiday to honor Veterans Day on the Friday after his birthday.  So, a Thursday night party could actually happen!  As you can see, this news THRILLED our new 6 year old!!!

Since Micah is also quite a fan of all things Super Hero, we incorporated Bat Man into the party so we could have a theme other than a large mouse.  

A few friends even showed up dressed in the birthday boy's theme.  

His party was full of friends from school, our neighborhood and church.  It was so sweet to see most of his special friends there to celebrate with him.  

Carlos was at Gabe's soccer match and missed out on the staff photo in the CEC Photo booth.  
As you can see, Micah is super fond of our neighbor, Aaron.  

Micah's friend Lennon lives in Orlando and they got stuck in major traffic getting there.  It took them over 2 hours.  I kept telling her mom to just turn around but she said Lennon would be so sad if they did.  I'm glad they made it because these two love each other so much!  

Sophia and Micah are birthday buddies!  Her birthday is on the exact day but one year earlier.  

The ticket blaster was the highlight of the night.  Micah got to take one friend inside with him.  I was glad he had a brother otherwise that would have been a hard choice.  

Jonah came out with the magic ticket of 500 extra tickets.  VICTORY!

Mrs. Evans is a definite favorite of our big boys.  They were so happy to see her at the party.  

Just a little staff wife love...

Micah wanted to open all of his presents at the party but there just wasn't time.  He was able to open a few with his friends as they were leaving.  

He and Jonah managed to rack up 855 tickets for the night which meant HARD decisions at the ticket counter.  

It was a perfect party for Micah.  All but one of his friends were able to make it.  There was pizza and cake.  He got to run and play to his heart's content.  Seriously, it was PERFECT!  And, we've checked Chuck E. Cheese off of the birthday party list so overall, it was a HUGE win!


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