Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween in Kindergarten

Halloween Day at Micah's school found him dressed up as a construction worker for their Book Parade.  They didn't do this when Jonah was in Kindergarten.  It was super cute so I'm glad Micah's year had it.  

All the other grades came out of their classrooms to watch as the Kinder and First Graders marched by in the parade.  
Micah was especially happy to see Jonah's class waiting out there for them.  They all waved to him and called his name as he passed.  

His teacher even got in on the fun!

I left Micah's class as they were each taking turns telling their friends about the book they chose and why.  I came back later that day to help with the Harvest party.  Every teacher had an activity in her room that each class rotated through.  It was fun for them to go to different classrooms and be led in games by other adults.  

They came back to their classroom to enjoy ORANGE treats.  

It was a FULL day of FUN for these kiddos.  While it is super exhausting, I'm always grateful for the chance to watch my kids in their classroom environment and to be present for days like this.  


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