Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Day of School 2016-2017

On Sunday night, we grabbed our borrowed "The Night Before Kindergarten" book (seriously, I ordered one months in advance for Jonah but couldn't find it so I borrowed this copy from his teacher when I was helping her in her classroom last week!!!) and he snuggled up with Daddy to read.  

We gave hugs and kisses, said prayers then said goodnight to this big kid.  When he got up the next morning, he would be an official Kindergarten kid.  

We had teacher gifts finished and laid out with clothes and backpacks for the next morning.  

This year was very different because it was our first year with county mandated School uniforms.  It was a little sad not to pick out cute first day of school clothes but I think I will actually like this as the year goes on.  We also had our first year with colored sneakers.  My kids have always work the New Balance 990 series in gray.  They were recommended to us when Jonah was a small baby by a podiatrist and then several physical therapists.  We've always worn them.  But, this year, Jonah asked for shoes with color so that of course made Micah ask for shoes with color.  So, here we are with shoes with color picked out by them.  :-)

How cute is this sign?  I saw it at Target for $5 earlier in the summer and grabbed it.  My friend, Ginny Beth chalked it for us.  
As you can see, our morning did not get off to a great start.  They were so tired and not used to being up early in the morning.  

Even my cute decorations didn't make them happy!  
After a few bites of breakfast, they perked up enough to go outside to take a few pictures.  

Those eyes...

They went inside to finish breakfast and the sweet smiles were back.  
We always get to school way early on the first day so we don't have to fight for a parking space and so we have plenty of time to take pictures.  

And, of course, pictures with lots of their friends!

I was going to narrow down the picture of Micah and Miller to one or two but this progression makes me laugh.  We told Sam to make them laugh and he did...

This is where talk about Miller being a champ by dressing in school uniform JUST for pictures even though his staggered start day wasn't until Wednesday.  Those two said their goodbyes and we walked Micah to his line up spot.  

Jonah and already gone to sit in his spot.  (Without even saying goodbye, I'll tell ya!)
One last photo with my sweet boy then we sent him off into the world of Kindergarten.  (Which he loves, by the way!!!)


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