Saturday, July 9, 2016

A fun summer Friday

Yesterday morning, Micah had his last day of golf camp then Louise met us here to pick him up for a fun day with her.  As soon as we made our summer bucket list, both boys wanted to have a whole day with Ms. Louise and then spend the night with her.  (If you can't tell, she is super fun!)

She left with the boys and I ran a couple of errands while Dan did hospital and hospice visits.  When he got home, we headed to Winter Park for lunch.  We were going to try a new spot but we were both starving so we stuck with a familiar favorite...The Coop.  
Our Disney passes renew every summer on July 23.  Most people just renew theirs online but our kids  (and Dan & I actually) get Disney gift cards throughout the year for various holidays so we have to go to Disney to have those applied.  We often have people make comments about having passes and I always tell them the same thing.  Toys come and go.  Ask for Disney gift cards from friends and family.  Save them and apply them to passes.  You can buy them at Walgreens in any state.  Anyone who mails your kid a gift can send a gift card as low as $5.  Those add up.  If Disney (or any other pass) is important to you, ask for those for holidays and gifts.  Jonah had gift cards last year as low as $5 and as much as $20 and his entire pass was covered.  He even used his own money a couple of times to purchase a $10 card at Walgreens to put towards his pass.   Disney is something our family really enjoys so we plan for it throughout the year so we can make it happen.   

After getting passes renewed, we did a few other things around Orlando while waiting for it to cool down.  Can I just stop for a minute to say it is HOT.  Like, SO SO SO hot.  I don't remember summers of past being this sweltering.  We waited for the sun to go down so we could hit Sea World and ride a few of the coasters that our boys are taller enough to ride.  

We got there around 5:30 and left a little after 7:00 and were able to ride all the coasters we wanted.  It was our first time to ride Mako.  It was amazing.  We rode it a few times with no wait.  Living in Central Florida means you get inundated with advertising about anything new at the parks.  So, we have heard about this SO much over the last year.  It definitely lived up to the hype.    We also hit Manta and Kracken.  It was really fun.  

It was so nice to have almost a whole day with Dan.  We got to listen to our choice of music on the drive, eat where we wanted, not have to take anyone to the bathroom mid-meal or put kids to bed when we got home.  It was so fun.  The kids, on the other hand, seemed to have a pretty good day themselves.  They are lucky to have people like Louise who love them so much.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#GlennGangSummer2016 Days 16-21

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