Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2015-2016 First & Last Day of School Comparison Photos

4th Grade
Katie Evans

Jennifer Chimka & Serena Moore

Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 Upward Celebration & Last Game

Little bro ALWAYS wants to be in the pictures we don't invite him to be in.  Yet, oddly enough, he never wants to be in the ones he asked to be in.  Hmmmm...the life of a 5 year old.  

I don't remember coordinating our clothing that day but if I didn't do it on purpose, then it's really cool that we all coordinated.  
The hardest thing about this Upward season was watching the other teams play and wishing you were on the court!!!

The hardest thing about Upward for Micah was all of it.  He was "so bored!"  He was "so hungry!"  He was "so tired of the bleachers."  

Hannah did a great job with the celebration.  It was fun to walk into the room to see it decorated and waiting on all the athletes and their families.  

He was happy to have Jessica Leonard there for his last game.  Those two have a special bond.  It's pretty sweet. 

Jonah and Cameron barely act like they know each other and almost will never speak to the other but they are really big buddies.  After the first few minutes, they always warm up and have a great time together.  
And, these two...HOT MESS!
It was fun to have a whole season of basketball with Jonah's best friend Logan.  These two have been in every class together since Kindergarten.  
The Nicholson and Glenn crew!  Next year, Micah will be in a uniform with them as well.  

Future Upward Stars!  (This means I will save a ton of money at the concession stand!!!)

It was another super fun year of Upward.  We're so glad we get to be part of this experience.  If your kid has a chance to do Upward, SIGN THEM UP!!!


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