Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chaos in the home

I'm one of those people who likes order.  I'm always accused of being a neat freak and having a super clean house.  Truthfully, only half of that is true.  My house is almost always neat.  My house is almost never super clean.  I could go my whole life and never dust but I can't handle a stack of mail on the counter.  So, you can imagine my current state of mind when I tell you that since last Saturday, our house has been so crazy and out of whack.  

Monday morning, the flooring people showed up to begin tearing out the flooring in our house.  This house was built in 2003 so for 13 years, we've had the same builder's grade carpet and builder's grade FLAT paint.  It's been on our to-do list for a while but we had bigger goals of paying off student loans and cars.  We finally took the plunge and did so in a rather emergent fashion.

Seriously, this time last week,  none of this was in motion.  This time last week we were enjoying an episode of The People vs. O.J. Simpson without a chaotic care in the world.  And, here I sit this week with only 2 bedrooms in order, paint drying on walls, drapes down, light switch covers off and a guest bedroom and dining room table piled high with stuff.  

The floors are done and look fabulous.  We got an amazing deal that ended up being 1/3 of all the other quotes we got.  (Shout out to Allison for the referral!!!)  Painting now was actually never in the works.  But, once all the furniture was moved for flooring, it only made sense to do the painting now. I'm so glad we did.  I said to Dan tonight "I've actually surprised myself with how low-key I've been about all of this. I'm only mildly stressed about everything being out of order!"  

Our painter has been so gracious to fit us in after hours.  He works all day painting then shows up at our house around 4:30 or so to work for us.  That isn't his idea of a perfect day but he's doing it to help us get things back in working order around her.  I show my gratitude by feeding him and NOT helping him paint.  Dan, on the other hand, is rolling some of the walls while he cuts in and does trim.  He's been so kind to work himself silly for us this week.  It's 10:38 and he is still here.  See what I mean?  Dude is a worker!!!

He told us we should be wrapping things up on Saturday.  I'll be thrilled to have things back in order. It almost feels like a new house.  Pictures to come...


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