Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Football related prayers

Me:  Micah, what else do we need to pray about tonight?

Micah:  That Jonah won't have fever anymore.  That Daddy will be safe coming home after his meetings.  That I will be safe playing football.

Me:  (interrupting him) You don't play football?

Micah:  YET.  I don't play football YET!  

Me:  Ok. Anything else?

Micah:  Yes, can I play football?

Fever Schmever...

Jonah is home today for the second day in a row.  He's got fever with no other symptoms.  That is the very thing that kept Micah home a couple of weeks ago.  We didn't even go to the doctor this time.  I'm just doing the same things they told me to do with Micah.  We have so many friends with kids who have had the exact same thing.  I guess it is just a fever virus.  It's honestly the easiest sickness you can have.  Let's be honest, we would all take fever any day over vomit or snot.  

The blog has really been slacking lately.  My kids are getting to the age (Jonah hit this several years ago) where their stories are their own.  So, my mommy blog days seem to be behind me in many ways.  I'll still post about big events with them and even some stories, but I find it harder and harder to post every day (or, let's be honest, every week) with things about them.

We just finished an incredible 15 day Life Action Summit at our church.  There are honestly no words to adequately explain all we felt and experienced.  I know that God did a work in my personally.  And, as a result of that, He is still doing some things.  I'm seeing some pretty miraculous results of being obedient to the hard things he is calling me to.

The fun thing is seeing that in my friends also.  I'm getting texts and phone calls and having conversations about some of the same things with them.  That is the fabulous thing about community.  You don't walk alone.  You cry, laugh, rejoice, pray and celebrate with those who are doing what God has called them to and walking with Him as you work though those things.  

While Life Action was happening, I really put the brakes on my exercise/weight loss routine.  Honestly, it was laziness more than anything.  Those weeks were exhausting.  We were run ragged in so many ways.  I didn't cook dinner at all.  We ate with the team at church each night and hardly any of that was the typical food we've eaten since August.  Honestly, the only habit I didn't revert back to was soft drinks.  (I know if I take one sip of a diet coke, I'll be back on that train full time!)  

I think I gained 4 pounds back over 3-4 weeks and barely exercised at all.  So, I've jumped back in to what I know is right.  I'm cooking and went back to walking/running/biking again last night.  As you might imagine, I'm a wee bit sore today.  It has been further proof to me that this isn't a short term fix or a diet but a lifestyle change.  


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