Friday, November 18, 2016

Open House for Kindergarten & 5th Grade

For one school year of their entire academic careers, my boys get to be at the same school.  (No, we didn't match them, they just chose not to change out of their uniforms!)
We got to the school at the exact same time as the Kingsleys.  They did change out of their uniforms, as you can see.  
Olivia is a friend from church.  She is only a little older than Micah but is definitely taller.  I took a picture of the Glenn Boys with the Sutherland girls.  Jonah and Abigail have been together since preschool and are in 5th grade together.  Micah and Ava started Kindergarten together this year.  Those Sutherlands can't escape us!
Jonah and Dan helped Micah do the scavenger hunt in his classroom while I documented the night in photos!

We're so happy Micah has Mrs. Myers as a teacher this year.  She was an excellent teacher for Jonah!

Oh, these two!  Buds since birth!
Micah's self portrait...
We love us some Jessica Leonard.  She better stick around for Micah's third grade year.  
Oh, Micah and Hailey...her daddy isn't so fond of the love fest there.  Ha.  Those two are special friends and really love each other.  
Speaking of teachers sticking around for Micah to have a chance, this one better stay through Micah's 4th grade year.  Seriously, how can I make this happen?

Church buddies...kindergarten buddies!

Do you see why we are always tired?  ALWAYS!

We left Micah's class and made a quick stop at Media.  Jonah was less than enthusiastic about using the photo booth props.  
I've watched these kids grow up since 3 year old preschool at ECDC.  Now they are in 5th grade.  Sniff...

It's so odd to have a man principal after all these years with ladies.  I made my kids take a picture with him anyway.  After that, we moved on to Jonah's classroom.  
Micah asked if he could sit in the reading corner to just read.  He chose a book just a little beyond his reading level.  

We ended the night with KONA Ice and that made the whole day perfect.  As we were walking to our car, Micah said "This has been the best day of my life!"  He is a bit dramatic but he does love being a big kid and going to school with his big brother.  Add Kona Ice to that and really was a magical day for him.  

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