Saturday, November 19, 2016

Micah's 6th Birthday

We have now experienced our first ever "birthday on a school day" and it was kind of weird.  Jonah's birthday is in the summer so it has let us do all sorts of fun things over the course of the day.  Micah's fell on a Wednesday and that is basically our busiest day of the week.  But, we still worked to make it special for him.  
I snapped the photo of him sleeping but then he got toothpaste on his clothes so he changed pajamas before breakfast.  He was sporting the red, white and blue in the middle of November.  
He stopped at the table where Dan was doing his quiet time to give Daddy hugs and to tell him good morning.  The daddy love is increasing daily with him.  His days of being a Momma's boy are waning.  :-(

As you can see, he really enjoyed that sprinkle donut from Krispy Kreme.  
We had a few grandparent presents and gifts that had come from out of town that he opened that morning.  

He got to play with his toys for a bit and then we sent him on to school with promises that we would show up for lunch.  He was happy to see us but a bit confused as to what to do?  Are school rules still in effect when your mom and dad are there?  Can you talk as loud as you want?  Can you get up and walk around?  It was all so confusing for a Kindergarten boy!
After school, we ran home for a few minutes then headed to the church for packing shoe boxes at 3, piano at 4, dinner at 5 and then AWANA at 6.  Whew...

(Apparently the pictures posted out of order.  This was the boys playing with some of Micah's new gifts before school that morning!)
Both kids enjoyed taking our boxes and packing more.  

I think our church sent over 600 shoeboxes to Operation Christmas Child.  That is so cool.  I love that my boys got to be part of it.  

After church, we met Ms. Louise for birthday ice cream at Berryville.  It was a good day to turn six years old!

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