Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Pumpkin Patch

 I had plans to take the boys to Heritage Farms after school today.  When I drove by there on the way to get them, there were no pumpkins.  Well, there were some pumpkins but when I say some, I actually mean nine.  When I think of pumpkin patch photos, I always envision a lot of pumpkins so we nixed that idea.  We hit up a different patch tonight just for photos and we will go back to Heritage Farms after school tomorrow or Thursday just to play.  

 Seriously, aren't these the sweetest photos?  I've never seen brothers love each other the way these do.  I can't speak for every household but the love outweighs anything else.  Micah is so enamored by Jonah and Jonah is is patient with him.  Today, two separate teachers at school stopped me to tell me how sweet they are to each other.  It makes me so happy.  

 Oh, and please note Micah's eyes.  We call them "big eyes!"  He does them all the time.  We get so tickled every. single. time.  It's his signature thing.  I don't take the pictures out of posts because I always want to remember this about him.  I don't know how long it will last but we are a year into it and it is still so funny to us.  You'll see more as you scroll...

 I used to think 5 was the golden age.  And, I do love it.  I love everything about age 5.  But, 10...man, oh man.  Jonah has turned into this amazing kid full of dreams, ideas, conversations, silliness, seriousness and just a good hearted nature.  I'm seriously so in love with everything about him these days.  He's a blast to hang around.  He's let go of some of his shyness and has seemed to embrace who he is. He's such a great boy.  

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Aja said...

From what I've been reading about big kids, 10/11 is another golden period before hormones kind of come in and stir things up for a few years (12-14-ish). Such sweet days for you all with great boys.


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