Thursday, August 11, 2016

Micah's Kindergarten Meet The Teacher

This crazy boy met his Kindergarten teachers tonight.  He's such a funny kid with a big personality. He makes me laugh...even when trying to take serious pictures at our front door.   (Don't you love my super cute sign made my friend Amanda???)
 Micah was thrilled it was raining when we arrived because he got to use his umbrella.  That kid loves an umbrella and relishes every opportunity to use it.  
 The very first friend we saw was Olivia.  Olivia and Micah go to church together and now they go to school together.  She is in Jonah's best friend's mom's class. 
 Speaking of church, here are 4 kiddos from our children's ministry at Stetson.  They were all in nursery together and now will be in Kindergarten together.  

 Here are our 9 Kindergarten teachers.  
 Micah ended up being the line leader as his class left the parents and went to their classrooms for some time together.  His teacher just text me to say he was a great line leader and so sweet.  

 We stayed in with the administration so they could go over things with parents while kids were in their classrooms.  When we walked into the classroom, all the kids were in various centers doing their thing.  Micah and Grayson happened to be together.  

 Hailey and Micah met last year when her mom taught Jonah in 4th grade.  We've played with her some and been intentional about helping them become friends.  Isn't she a cutie?

 Micah's class is a co-taught class with 24 students and 2 teachers.  It seemed a little overwhelming in the room tonight but I know it will be a great year for them.  ALL 24 OF THEM!!!

 I can't even believe these two babies are all grown up and ready for Kindergarten.  They've been part of every milestone in each other's life so it was only appropriate they ended up in the same classroom.  
 Back in September, they met Sam when his family started coming to our church.  These three are in the same class at school and in all the same stuff at church.  

 This crew (Claire, Micah, Maverick & Grayson) were all in VPK together at Blake.  I can hardly believe they are all in the same class together.  

 Micah and Hailey again!

 When Jonah was in VPK at ECDC, I always carried Micah inside in his carrier so I could pick Jonah up.  There was another mom there with a baby in a carrier.  That baby was Ava.  Now Micah and Ava are in class together.  Jonah and her big sister Abigail have been in several classes together at Freedom as well.  

 We're happy to be in the same class as Sam this year.  (Are you sensing a theme here?  We're really happy to be with a lot of our friends!)
 One of Micah's teachers this year is Melissa Flesch.  I've spent a good bit of time in the classroom over the last two days so I've gotten to know her a lot better.  I'm excited for him to be with her.  

 His other teacher is Tina Myers.  She was Jonah's kindergarten teacher as well.  We could not be more pleased that Micah will be taught by her.  She's the best!

 These two had to hug it out before saying goodbye.  

 And, a little more appropriate of these two...much more natural!

We're already so excited for this year.  Micah is in a strong class full of kids we already love and with two amazing educators.  I have a feeling Kindergarten is going to be hard to top!

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