Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cute boys + A Lemonade Stand = A nice donation to Imagine

 See these boys?  Aren't they cute?  Like, seriously over the top cute?  The are all just a month away from starting Kindergarten.  And, they came together last night to sell lemonade and bottled water at our church and pretty much stole the hearts of every person they encountered.  

 Our church is all working together to pay off a significant debt that was incurred many years ago.  That has been a millstone around our neck and has crippled the opportunity to do certain types of ministry.  We feel strongly about being debt-free and opening our selves up to use those resources to minister more effectively in our community, state and world.  We were at 2.6 million when we arrived in DeLand in 2009.  We got serious about paying it off about 2 years ago and we are finally down to 6 figures.  I think we are in the $800,000 range these days.  

 These 4 kids worked together and made $189.40 when all was said and done.  I said "Man, too bad we don't have a grandparent around who would take us over the $200 mark.  Cathi spotted Frank through the window and sent Colton to him and Colton's Pap gave us $11 to send us over the edge.  
 With Frank's additional $11 donation, we crossed the $200 mark.  We were able to give that amount to the church for Imagine this morning.  
 The boys toasted each other for a job well done!

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