Friday, July 22, 2016

A summer beach day

 I do love the beach.  I love the waves, the smell of salt water in the air, the sounds of the ocean and the relaxation that comes with being at the beach.  Except, having kids with you usually takes away that part.  My kids are daredevils in the ocean water and they scare me to death.  

 It's nice to live close enough that we can drive over or an hour or two.  Being 26 miles from the beach is something I still don't take for granted.  We've lived here almost 7 years and I still appreciate the benefit of living so close to so many wonderful places.   

 We even got to hang out with friends there yesterday but I promised them no pictures.  Since that one is so far off, it doesn't count, right?

I don't LOVE going to the beach without Dan.  The beach is more of a one adult per kid kind of place.  And, we have a rhythm that works well for us.  He sunscreens the kids while I put our beach stuff out.  He makes sure their sunscreen is rubbed in while I get everything situated.  When he's not there, the sunscreen job falls to me and I'm obviously very good at it.  

Yikes!  My word!  I was horrified when we got home and got in the pool.  I  saw his back and freaked.  And, if you know Jonah well, then you know he handled this with no drama at all.  (ahem!)  Our plan was to spend the day at the beach today but I'll wait until he wakes up to see how it looks.  With his birthday party on Saturday, I don't want to add insult to injury.  Ahhh...motherhood.  Can't get it all right!  

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