Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our first 2016 beach day!

After Jonah's ceremony Friday morning, we loaded the car and drove over to New Smyrna Beach for the afternoon.  Sometimes I forget the beauty of driving 26 miles and being ON THE BEACH!  It's a simple thing we take for granted but it's so nice.  

Can I stop just a minute and talk about swimsuits?  When you see pictures of my kids at a waterpark or beach, they will most always have on a neon swimsuit.  It makes them SO easy to spot.  Take that as my tip for your water outings.  You'll thank me.  :-)  

We almost had the entire place to ourselves.  We have so many miles of beautiful beaches and many times have so much space to ourselves!  It's incredible.  

This man is the greatest gift to my life.  I do a lot by myself with our boys but when he is there, life is just better.  He's so fun!

This kid LOVED the boogie board.  It was so much fun to watch him get the hang of it.  

This was the first of MANY beach days we will have over the next few months.  So, get used to these brightly colored suits.  :-)


Charbelle4 said...

Hi! New reader via Kelly's Korner. Congratulations to Jonah on all the amazing awards, that is truly awesome!!! These pictures of the beach, plus the beach front bargain hunt that was on HGTV yesterday while I was at the gym are making me miss the beach :) Sounds like y'all had a very fun time!

Barb said...

Ah, New Smyrna Beach! Just yesterday I was thinking about our day there and Jonah's comment about me not visiting him for 5 years. It's been almost that long again! :(


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