Friday, June 3, 2016

Jonah's 4th Grade Awards

Whew!  Y'all,  4th Grade is no joke.  My friend Laura told me that all last year.  I believed her and I'm glad because she was right.  Jonah had to dig in and really work this year. 

 If you remember the awards day from last year, he looked like he was on death row.  He barely smiled. He looked miserable.  We actually had smiling lessons with him this morning.  We made him look at himself in the mirror and see what he looked like.  We told him that it was okay to smile when you do something well.  If you get an award, be happy and accept it with a smile on your face.  He immediately broke out into a grin when he saw us.  We knew this year would be different once we saw that.  

 The first award Jonah got today was the writing award.  Let me tell you, you could have knocked us over with a feather.  If there is one part of school Jonah hates, it is writing.  His teacher this year is a rock star when it comes to teaching writing.  She put every thing she had into those kids and it showed in his results.  He made HUGE strides under her leadership.  

When Mrs. Hogue said "Next, we will recognize the students with high achievement in writing," I put my camera down next to me and said "I'm pretty sure we know who WON'T get that one!"  Dan said "no doubt!"  Then, SHE CALLED JONAH'S NAME!  

I told his teacher that later in the day and she said she saw me put my camera down and was trying to get my attention.  She was so tickled that we were shocked.  She said Jonah looked at the person next to him and said "I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING!"  HA!

He was nervous going into this awards day.  He so badly wanted to make straight A's again but didn't know if it would happen.  He has yet to make his first B in elementary school and we all felt this would be the year.  Mrs. Hogue told the students there were only two kids in all of 4th grade who made straight A's.  Then, she called his name.  He jumped out of his seat to get that medal.  It was the culmination of a LOT of hard work!  Jonah and one other boy got this award.  I told you 4th grade was tough!

 Next, Mrs. Ross gave out the medals for the kids who read all 15 Sunshine State Readers.  Jonah was the first kid in the whole school to read all 15.  He was also the first last year.  He hopes to accomplish that again in his final year at Freedom.  He was one of three kids in fourth grade who read and tested on all 15 of the SS books.    

 He also received his 400 point club trophy for Reading Counts.  He read and tested on almost 1300 points in 4th grade.  Nine kids in 4th grade read and tested on at least 400 points.  

 The next award he received was for reading 4 million words in 4th grade.  This was a HUGE deal.  If you follow me on social media at all, you know that he read 600,000 of those in just one weeks time. He wanted to hit 4 million in 4th grade and he did it.  It almost killed all of us.  And, please notice him giggling with Mrs. Hogue.  That smiling practice worked this morning!!!!  I know she was so happy because she said last year that she felt bad calling him up there because he looked so miserable!

 These two boys both read 4 million words in 4th grade.  That is an insane amount of reading!!!  He says he wants to hit 5 million in 5th grade just so he can say he did.  I seriously can't even imagine how to make that happen.  But, if he wants to do it, we will help him.  But, we will start EARLY in the year...not the week before the deadline.  

 After the program, we moved outside to take some class photos and photos with friends.  

 I wish Jonah's eyes weren't closed in this one because it's the only  picture I took of Jonah and Dan.  
 Oh, sweet Ms. Nancy was so happy for Jonah.  She just hugged him and congratulated him over and over.  She was his 3 year old preschool teacher.  She has loved him and cheered for him since the day we moved to Florida.  

It was another big day for Jonah.  He accomplished so much in 4th grade.  We were incredibly blessed to have an amazing teacher and to be surrounded with people who love him and cheer him on.  He told us later in the day that he "felt really proud and really happy!"  

Us too...

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